Behind the Brand: Calmer Sutra Tea

Chai time is my favourite time, it takes place at work, 3pm everyday, where I make myself a chai latte. This hug-in-a-mug drink first won my heart 10 years ago when I first came across Clamer Sutra Chai, and we're very excited to now offer this delicious Chai for you to brew in your own home!

Humble Begininnings 

By Founder, director - Caitlin West

" Rewind to 2002 when chai was a rarity on a café menu, when its place was hidden in the cluttered shelves of independent health food stores or at alternative festivals and markets. As a non-coffee drinker, a chai addict and café enthusiast, I had an urge to fill this gap if for nothing more than my own personal benefit. I dreamed up a concept to recreate my favourite drink - an authentic masala chai – which incorporated fresh ginger but was at the same time café friendly.

With my mortar and pestle in hand and my collection of spices, I got to work in my best friend’s kitchen. Call it luck or divine intervention, but the first attempt created in that kitchen is the same recipe still used in today’s signature cup of Calmer Chai. Indian spices were added to the black tea along with freshly grated ginger root and local honey, to preserve and lock in the goodness. It was then that the first wet/fresh chai was born.

When hitting up my local cafes with my blend in tow, I was met with a few confused looks and furrowed brows, but once hit with the alluring aroma, interest was piqued. It wasn’t too long before my fresh chai began making its way onto the menus of my favourite Melbourne cafes and beyond. The rest as they say, is history. "


An Ever-Evolving Journey

"Throughout the years, Calmer Sutra Tea’s journey has been rich and eventful with each year bringing new opportunities and projects. In 2008 business partner Matt Clarke joined the CST team. He is the friendly face and voice you will often be met with when getting in touch with us or receiving a delivery. A bit of a jack of all trades to compliment and balance what was already built.

Over time, CST’s product offering has evolved to include one of a kind products like our velvety ‘Super Spiced Cacao’ and our zingy ‘Ginger pear and lime tonic’ to a diverse range of organic, fairly sourced teas and tisanes. This lifelong passionate journey continues to bring peace and calm to the daily ritual of many loyal sippers, Australia wide."

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