Behind The Brand: Golden Grind

Prevent, Cure, Heal. Naturally.

Let’s avoid and cure disease and illness with diet and lifestyle. Let’s bring to life easy, tasty and relevant healthy options that fit into everyone’s lifestyle and positively impact the quality and longevity of our lives. And that’s exactly what the gang behind Golden Grind has set out to do….

A super spice like no other, the turmeric root spreads its benefits far and wide. Standing the test of time; thousands of years, and the brutality of credible scientific testing, there is no doubting the recent popularity surrounding the brilliant yellow spice is justified.

As a close family, the team behind Golden Grind were well aware of the miracle spice long before it was labelled the hottest food trend in 2017. The founders share a holistic approach to life, years of practising Ayurveda therapies, food science qualifications, an Indian heritage with childhoods full of traditional Indian foods plus several years of serving healthier options at their highly celebrated and awarded café, Evolve, that has led to the revolutionary business idea, Golden Grind.

Golden Grind’s founders are considerate of not only ensuring the highest quality ingredients in all of their products, but also in honouring the land and the people and hence would only ever engage with organic and fair farms. A trip to India early days ensured for legitimacy and supportive relationships. Avoidance of plastics, giving back to charity and working with the disabled community are all more examples of the brand being on track to receiving B Corporation Certification.

Winning “Best Beverage 2017” as voted by Australian retailers was a humbling reminder for the Golden Grind team that others are on this journey with them and appreciate their efforts to better the world. A nomination as “Australia’s coolest brand” also a delightful reminder that pristine packaging tickles everyone’s fancy.

Although to the founders, it’s actually not about the packaging, branding or ‘being cool” at all. Quite the contrary. Something most unique about the brand is that once you’re on the inside, you’ll feel for yourself that the absolute focus for Golden Grind is placed on the quality of each and every product. They have invested time and energy on ensuring the best scientists, developers and manufactures in Australia have hand craft each and every product making it the most relevant and reflective of current peer reviewed studies and Ayurveda practises with the sole motivation to provide genuine health benefits to consumers. Grab a pack, bag, tube or tub because it looks great, but be truly amazed by the superior medicinal elements of Golden Grinds offerings.  

Turmeric, in all its abundance and available to reap the benefits though these many wonderful products, is far from a trend. It’s certainly not a fad. This miracle spice, is here to stay. Make it a part of your day.

Make your world GOLD

Enjoy. Be Bliss. Be present. Be Golden #iamgold

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