Behind The Brand: Love Tea

Love tea's passion is to inspire you to make time to appreciate the quiet moments, take care of your health, and to share great tea with people you love.

Love Tea was founded in Melbourne in 2006, by Naturopathy students Emma Watson and Damien Amos. Emma wanted to create beautiful products that were beneficial for customer’s health and promoted wellbeing. Damien was passionate about organics, working with growing communities directly and looking after our planet.

After experimenting with organic teas, aromatic spices and therapeutic herbs for a number of years, Emma and Damien decided to make their tea obsession a full-time project. By 2012, the range included more than 20 different blends, and the business name was changed from Love Chai to Love Tea, to reflect the wide range of products on offer.

‘At Love Tea, we skilfully craft, blend and pack each of our products in Australia. We collaborate with growers and small scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients. We thoughtfully design each of our unique products, to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment.’

Love tea is made with love, and is: 

  • Australian Made

    Love Tea is a family owned and run business based in Victoria, Australia. They skilfully craft, blend and pack each product with their own tea bag machinery, so that they keep high quality products to an exceptionally high standard locally.

  • Certified Organic

    Love Tea choose to use high quality, certified organic ingredients because they believe organic ingredients taste better, are better for your health and are better for the environment. Love Tea's products are not grown with synthetic fertilisers or herbicides, have no hidden ingredients, and have no additives or artificial flavours. Just pure ingredients as nature intended.

  • Fairly Traded

    Love Tea fairly source the majority of their ingredients directly from the growing communities and cooperatives who produce them. They pay additional premiums for the ingredients grown on fair trade farms, and we are continually learning how we can have a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of growers and their families.
  • Designed by a Naturopath

    Emma Watson is the Founding Naturopath of Love Tea and continues to put an extensive amount of energy into researching the therapeutic effectiveness of each of their unique products. Love Tea's aim is to ensure all products have both, optimum therapeutic benefit combined with exceptional flavour.

The Love Tea story - Part one from Love Tea on Vimeo.


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