Behind The Brand: Prana Chai

Homemade Chai, Made in Melbourne.

In their four years travelling the globe, Vincent Conti and Mario Minichilli discovered authentic masala tea throughout Asia. Upon returning to Australia they opened a café in St Kilda and began developing a chai blend inspired by those they’d fallen in love with in India. As they perfected their recipe, customers grew to love their chai and fate brought about a friendship with Koray Gencel. 

Prana Chai was born!

The Prana Chai process is beautiful in its simplicity. They source fresh, whole spices from many parts of the world such as India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. The spices are cracked open and blended with tea and honey, by hand! It's then put in a bag and sent on its merry way. 

All the ingredients are natural and all the ingredients are good for you, it’s an honest product. No machines, additives or preservatives are used to ensure the Prana (life force) in all products stays intact.

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